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Thank you for your GENEROSITY

Last year, donors helped students to earn their degrees. You touched a part of their McMaster experience and gave them the opportunity to explore subjects, research challenges, and discover more about the world we live in and how to make it brighter.

How have donors helped?

Students have felt supported knowing there are people out there who care about their education. Our gratitude goes out to you for your generosity. You are appreciated more than you can know. 

2020 Thankful Student Award and Bursary Recipients 

“Thank you for supporting me in my educational journey.” – Jenusanth 

“I am so very grateful for your generous contribution to my future.” – Sarah 

“Receiving a bursary this year has been life changing.” – Jonathan 

“Thank you for helping me to make my dream possible.” – Allyson 

“I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me.” – JianMing 

Know that you are boosting a new generation and helping them find meaning and inspiration through education.

“My goal is to improve our quality of life.” – Ochirsaikhan 

“I plan to continue advocating for student entrepreneurs and future small business owners.” – Mitchell 

“I have dreams of being an author.” – Sophia 

“My goal is to be involved in advancing climate change initiatives.” – Marika

Support the Student Experience